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Is this Sony capable of HD?

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I have a Sony KV-36XBR250 with compondent inputs.

Problem is that I cannot find the res. level that

this set can accept. (1 year old)

I'm curious if via the compondent cables will this set

not only accept HD signals but broadcast such as 1080i.

Went to Sony site and found this:

"Below is an explanation of why the lines of resolution specification is not published for Sony televisions:

The specification for lines of resolution, as it relates to televisions, is not standardized in the electronics industry. The procedure used by one manufacturer to determine this specification is most likely different than the procedure used by another company. Because manufacturers use different procedures for measuring television lines of resolution, the specifications provided by manufacturers for lines of resolution can be misleading."
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That tv does not have progressive inputs. It has only one component that is 480i.

I guess you could downconvert an hd broadcast to 480i somehow then it would be possible, but whats the point?
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