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Is this the end? (Barco data 800)

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I got a retro data unit (this is the wrong forum, but I guess this is a crt question). I noticed a leak of one of the tubes some time ago, which I unfortunately decided to ignore.

Yesterday afternoon the picture was fine but in the evening I noticed some colored spots in the middle of it. Plus the picture would disappear from time to time.

Removing the lenses I found spots of similar size and location on all 3 of the tubes, burn spots I guess.

Even if I would find cheap replacement tubes I still would not know which board was defective to cause this.

Any comment?
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Hello Xray53

It's the end you better look for another cheap retro.

It could be the powersuplly ore the spotsuspression cirquit.

I've scrapped three retro 800's that I had here for a year. THe problem is, the coolant leaks onto the motherboard and does all sorts of damage. I have spare tubes and boards, but pull the chassis out and see how much coolant is on the front of the motherboard.

Thanks Curt - I looked but couldn't really see anything that looked wrong. Will have to take it apart (will do this Wednesday).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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