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Is [too much] base bad for DLPs?

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Yesterday I hooked up the Logitech Z-680 that I bought from Amazon for $200 (US) [w/ free super-saver delivery].

All I can say is "WOW!" To go from the internal speakers of my Samsung HL-P5063 to this, quite literally raised the hairs on my arms.

I now have my Xbox connected via optical and my DVD connected via digital coax. After a few games with nothing massively impressive (Deus Ex - Invisible War" had the most wow), we popped in "Finding Nemo". It was the first DVD I found with the THX logo, and the main reason I selected it. Well it was impressive!

But after about 45 minutes of watching the movie, and feeling the bass in my butt, on the sofa, from across the room (about 10 or 11 feet), I wondered what my DLP was "feeling"? The volume was at a comfortable level, for both my wife and I, so I do believe it was a normal level, but every once in a while there would be a very loud scene with lots of bass (just like in the big-screen theaters).

Since the sub-woofer is in the corner by the TV, about a foot from the TV, I started to wonder if maybe the bass might be bad for the set? Like I said, I was not expecting the amount of bass this relatively small speaker set produced (sub seems a decent size, but not gigantic). To add to the equation, the side-port of this sub-woofer points toward the TV.

Do you wise people think this is a bad thing?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this subject.



p.s. we do have the extended warranty, so there is some piece of mind there.

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Just for future references, it's 'bass'. That is n interesting question because of the moving parts. Maybe the vibration could affect the moving colorwheel? On my CRT tube, my bass vibrates the metal sheet behind that picture causing black vibrating patterns-another reason I can't wait to upgrade from it (and speaker non shielding causing the magnetic color blotches)
The low frequency vibration should have little or no effect on the DMD or the color wheel.

The color wheel is a significantly more stable spining wheel then any DVD player which you're also vibrating and it has no problem with it. I'd say there's a very low probability of having an issue due to your Subwoofer causing vibrations as it's very low frequency and very low impact (It may not feel like it to your butt but it is low impact.)

Arghh... base / bass - thank you, that's what i get for posting before having my first cup of coffee...

I've cleaned up the original post - and now i'm thinking about fire-roasted rainbow trout (I guess it was the bass, as in fish, thing)...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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