Most AVS members have at least one  flat-panel TV . Is yours wall-mounted or freestanding?

I've heard it said that the vast majority of people with flat-panel  TVs  do not mount them on the wall; most use the TV's stand and place it on a cabinet of some sort or in an entertainment center. And who can blame them? The wall-mounting hardware must be securely attached to the wall studs, and it's difficult to hide the cables. On the other hand, a wall-mounted flat panel sure looks cool, especially if you can hide all the cables (including the AC  power cable ).

How about you? Is your primary flat-panel TV wall-mounted? If so, is it mounted so the center of the screen is roughly at seated eye height, or is it higher—say, above a fireplace? Did you do it yourself, or did you hire someone to do it? If you hid the cables, how did you do it? Or do you have no flat-panel TV at all?

As I've learned from doing these polls, some AVS members will undoubtedly question the precise meaning of "primary  flat-panel TV ," so let me try to be clear here.  According to a poll I conducted back in February , 65.5% of respondents have a  flat-panel TV  as their main video display, while 28.8% have a front projector. (The rest have rear-projection TVs and a few CRT direct-view TVs.) But I bet that many of those with a front projector also have a flat panel somewhere in their home.

If you are among those whose main video display is a flat panel, the meaning of "primary flat-panel TV" should be obvious. For those whose main video display is a front projector (or other type of display), if you also have one or more flat panels in your home, which one do you consider to be "primary"? Maybe you have one behind a retractable  projection screen  in your home theater, or perhaps it's the one in the bedroom or family room—whatever. The point here is to learn how common it is for AVS members to wall-mount their primary  flat-panel TV , however you define that phrase.