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iscan HD + Panny PX20=some movies better and some much worse!

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I hope to get a digital camera and take a picture of what I am seeing in case my discription is not very clear. Last night I was watching Lost in Translation and durring the openening scene where you see whats her name's nice butt in bed there was HUGE amounts of tiny little pixes moving and flashing in the dark areas and flat color. It continued to happen through out the movie and in some scenes areas of the screen looked more like a painting the reality.

Let me say that I am using a Denon 800 and sending a 480i signal via good component cables with an RGB out from iscan. I have seen the movie quite a few times using my DVD sending 480i to the plasma and it never looked that bad.

It was imbarresing because I had friends over and they all commented on how bad some of the scenes looked. I know that some plasma's has this problem, but mine is a pretty good one and it doesnt always happen and has never looked that bad before.

Can someone let me know what I am seeing and how I can fix it? I bought the HD with the expectation things would look better, or sometimes the same...never worse?

Thanks a bunch
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Had you watched this particular movie before adding the scaler? Lost in Translation is intended to be a very grainy movie.
Did you recalibrate after adding the iScan? It is definitely not a pug and play addition. Since you were using 480i, you weren't even using the same input (RGB) for DVD on your plasma prior to adding the iScan.

Have you tried adjusting the brightness and contrast again? I have the ED version of your set and I saw a lot of what you are seeing on satellite feeds (not DVD) prior to getting an Ultra. After getting the Ultra I was able to set these parameters better and that minimized the effect
JoshZ-I have watched the movie before and have noticed that yes in parts it is grainy, but I am seeing it much more now and in parts where it really isnt meant to ad to the feel of the movie.

Greg Stitt- You are right about it not being plug and play. You practically need a degree. I have been adjustings every day for the past 3-4 days. I tried running DVE through it again, but cant find anyway to adjust color on the iscan...can you? What should I have the settings on the TV set to before I start making the picture adjustments? It seems if I leave it at the "normal" setting the "picture" is set at near 100%

elions-the frustrates me to hear that you never got that effect from DVD even before you got the iscan. I never really had it either. When I watch a movie like Seabiscut the picture looks great, so I can blame the Plasma totally. It happens HUGE with the movie Gataca Superbit version.

I will re-calibrate it tonight. Is there any other setting in the iscan I should make sure is turned on or off when sending it a 480i signal form my dvd?

thanks for the feedback
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