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ISCO 1.25 4K D-Cinema lens

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Selling ISCO 1.25 4K D-Cinema lens. I offer a unique lens, fully revealing the resolution of 4K! The largest lens manufactured by ISCO. Condition of the new lens, no scratches on the lens, the focus is good.
Price $ 5200
Price separate slider - $ 500
Price includes lens + slider.
Payment via PayPal.
The lens is located in Russia. Altai Republic

Two more lenses available !!! .

First buyer on this forum, user Rob Dingen

Contact email address [email protected]



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I received my lens yesterday and it was like the pictures he send me from the lens and package.
I'm very happy with the lens.

Thanks Denis
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There are two lenses available. They are in perfect condition. The lens will open your projector, 4k resolution. The lens is unique at the moment. Lens = metal and glass of the highest quality
Panamorph VS ISCO 1.25
Body - Printed on a 3d printer VS Metal and high-quality glass
Focusing - Fixed VS The ability to focus with a lens
Weight - small weight VS very heavy (6,7kg)
mass product VS unique product (no longer produced today)

If you are interested in buying this lot, write me a message.
ISCO 1,25 King of anamorphic lenses
5200$ = lens + lens holder
!delivery is included in the price!
An example of how the focus works for the lens. Another big plus of this lens is focusing! Panamorph has no focus!
link to video of autofocus operation
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An example of how the focus works for the lens. Another big plus of this lens is focusing! Panamorph has no focus!
link to video of autofocus operation
I received my ISCO 1.25X from Denis about a month ago, the item was exactly as described, the transaction seamless, the packaging was perfect and on time. Denis is a very honest and trustworthy person
he was an absolute gentlemen, and quick to respond to all questions, given our geographical and time differences( Russia to Canada) , this was very impressive. If you are considering the ISCO 1.25X , I'd highly recommend
considering his offerings, these are rare and hard to find, soon to be nearly impossible to obtain. Don't hesitate, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you again Denis

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See PM
I just talked with a calibrator friend of mine who answered my questions - so if its still available I'll take it. I've AVS PMed you with my email and contact info. If still available, please advise me via email re how to make payment. Thanks.
Done deal! Will use with my new Sony GTZ-380 projector. Will be awhile before my theater renovation and upgrade will be able to setup the projector and lens! EXCITING!
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WOW! I received the Isco 1.25 lens, etc today, packed super fantastic in a wooden crate, easy to use a screwdriver to unscrew all of the screws holding the top on. Fantastic job packing. Everything looks great. Denis owns a camera/photography shop so with his connections he gets ahold of these used cinema DLP lens. He expects to have a few more Jan or Feb. What a deal! Highly recommend Denis. Only wish he lives here in the USA so I could actually meet him someday!
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UP. I'm raising the price to $7000 (lens + slider) shipping is included. The last lens that goes on sale. It has a unique and beautiful serial number (1212003
Brown Camera lens Camera accessory Window Cameras & optics
) will bring the owner happiness and good luck and Siberian health.
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Will this work with 4100 and how ?

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In stock slider + lens holder - 4 four pieces
Price $650 shipping included (price for 1 piece)
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