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ISCO II and Hushbox

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Just wondering, but with a hushbox, do I even need the mount? With careful planning, I would think one could eliminate the window glass and use the ISCO II lens in it's place.
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The problem with that is lens adjustment.

I have a Whisperflow hushbox and an ISCO I lens, and the lens sets on an attached shelf.

Getting the best picture alighment requires adjusting the angle, tilt, and lens height.

Ideally, you would only need to do this once, but I've found that having the anamorphic lens outside the hushbox on the support shelf is VERY convenient. Especially if you tweak with your FPTV a lot.

So it is possible to build the ISCO lens into the hushbox, or faceplate. But I wouldn't do it.

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What do those who ceiling mount do with ana lenses? Can they easily be hung in front of the PJ? I don't think I have the depth in my Hush-Ceiling *tm to put a lens inside...

The ISCO II mount looks different from mine, but still it also looks like it could be mounted, inverted on the ceiling with about 4"-5" height adjustment.

If I didn't have the hushbox shelf, I still would have been able to adjust the lens to the right height to match the projector's lens with them both ceiling mounted.

I built a great hushbox out of Oak. It has the Edmond Scientific glass in the front and the ISCO is inside. The bottom panel of the box is held with four screws. With this panel removed I can adjust the lens quite easily.

It is easy to figure a way to hang the support upside down so that it is right in front of the D-ILA lens. You want it as close as possible to minimize distortions.

Having the lens inside the hush box also keeps it clean, (I have a 20" x 20" filter on the box input).

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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