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ISF to certify MCE2005 systems for video quality

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OK, now that MCE2005 is offially launched, I can speak about a few other exciting new announcements as well.

ISF and Joel Silver have created a new Media Center certification lab under the directorship of Guy Kuo called ISFRL. They will perform rigorous testing for end-to-end video quality as well as overall product quality, such as acoustic noise. This is really exciting news because it means that for the first time there is an industry effort in place to focus on prosumer video quality for the PC market.

I know some folks really get a kick out of hacking drivers and registry keys to calibrate colorimetry and get the best scaling and deinterlacing, but I'm also sure there are a whole lot of folks that would really like to see things set correctly out of the box. Look for high-end MCE2005 systems later this year that are built with next generation TV tuners and graphics hardware that exceed the capabilities of the best hand-built HTPCs you can put together today.

ISF announcement: http://www.imagingscience.com/rl/pr1.html

Niveus Media announcement: http://www.niveusmedia.com/collatera...NIVEUS_ISF.htm
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Ok... interesting. What codecs are they going to use?
That's cool, I'd much rather Joel Silver or Guy Kuo hack it for me:)

Better yet tell me what they did, and I'll duplicate it;)

I can't imagine how much an ISF approved HTPC would cost!

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