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Isn't this Art's big weekend?

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Hi Art. Isn't this your big demo weekend with the stacked G90's and blender? I tried looking through prior posts for your announcement, but I got tired of looking after the 5th page... Man, you are active!

Any additional concerns or other options since your announcement? I think you saw Tim Martin's (Guys!) stacked 9500's. Curious how these two compare. I think Tim (!) mentioned that one set had older tubes and wasn't fully calibrated, so it probably wouldn't be an apples to apples comparison.

Anyway, if I've got the dates right.. enjoy & I look forward to hearing your impressions.


And don't say you don't do impressions.:)
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Thanks for asking and yes, this is the weekend. The screen came in about 15 minutes ago. The G90's are coming at 7:00PM . I have a conference room at a local motel so we should be doing the mechanical set up tonight. I have my stepson and a couple of his football buddies for strong backs for moving the PJs. It looks like Sunday afternoon for the demo but, of course , that depends on how Ken Whitcomb progresses. These will be new PJs with a Faroudja 5000 with the JVC30 K and various DVDs. I'll post pics of things the best I can after as well as my thoughts.

ART .......

I will bring my camera this time......



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What do you have Jealous, jealous,.... wooooooooo JEALOUS!!!!!

Art, good luck, I hope it turns out well and that you find your long sought after set up in this demo. I can not fathom the budget and am truly envious as to the picture quality you will surly end up with.

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still blending with the Folsom?

I'll see you there and watch here and your email for time updates for tomorrow.


Thanks for the encouragement. I hope it either works very very well or it flops. If there are in betweens like it has this problem or that but still very good then it could be interesting.


This will be a standard side by side stack.
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Did you hear about the new CRT Sony is rumored to be bringing out? Much to my surprise, I hear the rumor is true. I hear it is going to use 12" tubes and blow away the G-90. The resolution capability is so great they've specially developed a line quintupler for it. But I shouldn't tell you more...I know you've got your heart set on the G-90s.

Originally posted by Art Sonneborn

If there are in betweens like it has this problem or that but still very good then it could be interesting.

This would be my fear....if there are 'excuses' then you may have doubts..

I wish they could have done the demo in your room on the floor - you could have compared the G90 on the bigger perf screen against your current setup with the smaller screen.. to see if you get at least the same punch factor....

Thanks again for your input. I guess I'll still be waiting for that among other things. I really used to be a fairly decisive person , honest.:D .


So far so good on the ability to converge the PJs. We will look at DVD tonight at 960p. The HD memory will be ready by mid day Sunday it appears. ( plenty of punch on the 11' wide screen:) )

I can't believe your getting a G90 stack....Amazing.

Please post a lot of pics, of the machines in particular!!

Well, it looks like my quest is over. I just saw the best images I've ever seen on a video screen. My goal was to be able to get to image quality as good as I have at home now but on an 11' screen but the DVD portion of the demo exceeded that by some margin. Very very sharp,awesome color and contrast and of course blacks. I simply could not criticize what I saw.

Tomorrow I'll see the HD but I know it will be icing based on the cake today !

Congratulations Art. That's fantastic!
All I can say is wow and I can't wait to see the screen shots!
Art, when you see HD via the F5000/G90 combo, you will truly see the window effect. The icing will be much sweeter than the cake!
Congrats, Art! :) Glad the quest is finally over.
Hey Jorus, I see you're a dark side convert! They need you over here - they are dropping like flies.

Seriously though, what did you end up getting?

Hope you don't mind a little off topic Art.
Originally posted by Art Sonneborn
Well, it looks like my quest is over.
Congratulations, Art. Great to hear that you found something that you will be very satisfied with. I'll venture to guess that your next PJ after the G90s will be a digital


that just might be a while, though. :)

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Actually Art, I have a couple of serious questions since you will still get the chance to critically view this setup. I'm not sure if you got to see the Marantz 3 chipper long enough, but I remember that you were extremely impressed with the colors on that one. Can you tell us how the colors compare between that one and the G90s? Were the colors on the G90 as good as the 3 chipper? Better? Also, does the ANSI CR leave you wanting any more or is it really totally satisfactory on a second viewing? I know the very dark scenes will be much better on the CRTs than any under 4000:1 on/off digital, but I'm wondering about the CR in scenes with half dark and half bright. And as we've already talked about the 720p on the 3 chipper would probably not satisfy you at 1.1x. I'm just wondering how some of the other parameters compare.

Also, are you considering pushing the screen a little bigger now that you've seen the G90s?


Fantastic news Art!!

The image will only get better once HD-DVD happens..

I have to go and wipe all the drool off my keyboard..
Congratulations Art! Your search has been a long one and I am glad that you found the image you were looking for. I would propose that you now have THE reference system on the forum.
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