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ISO Player

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I have many of my dvds backed up as ISO files use Daemon tools on my PC. I want to use my macmini for this, but cant seem to find a ISO mounter. VLC plays some of my iso files but it seems to be only about 1 in 10.So is there any daemon tools for mac?
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Just double click on the iso file.


You can do it via command prompt also or with a script, but I don't know how off hand.

Thought that might do it, but it gives me an error. I am not at home now so I cant say for sure what it says, but its something on the line of a cant read error.
Thanks Hes I will try that tonite.
I use ToastMount - but it requires that you have Roxio's Toast - it works well for me.


EDIT: I should've clicked on the previously posted VersionTracker link - it's for ToastMount.
There are some bugs in diskmounter that sometimes prevent ISO images from mounting. A reboot always fixes it temporarily until it reoccurs. I think this may have been addressed in an OS update. Make sure you're running 10.3.8
Thanks guys for the input. I do have the update. Seems like the toast thing may be the only viable solution for me. I will try it this weekend.
well Toast seems to do the job just fine. Now we need a meedio type app for the mac.
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