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Hello everybody!

My father recently gave me his Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH receiver because he upgraded and I brought it home and hooked up my 3 HDMI devices (PS3, Wii U, Cable Box) to the receiver and then ran an HDMI cable from the 'HDMI out' on the receiver to the HDMI 1 input on my television set.

My television (Samsung LED) auto-recognizes signals (IE: When I turn on the cable box or a game system, it will highlight the 'source' that is sending a signal). After hooking these few devices up, my TV is not recognizing a signal from any one of the three devices I have connected to it. I can't even get my TV to see the setup menu of the amp when it's in setup mode. I tested the HDMI cable I have running from the receiver to my television and it works fine when connected directly from my Wii U/PS3 to the TV.

I'm hoping I'm just doing something stupid and it's an easy fix, but I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing, or if some component is faulty. I've read all of the HDMI sections of the owner's manual which has also not been able to solve this problem.

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

-Eric O.
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