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Issue with BIC Acoustech H-100

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I have had my H-100 for 2 years and 1 month, sux 1 month out of warranty it is having issues. If i have the volume very low it seems to be functioning, but at and normal listening levesl all it will do is hum (best i can do to explain). This seems to happen at about 36 on my onkyo receiver. But even before it starts to malfunction it doesnt seem to put out the volume that it should. I have tried different inputs and different cables to the sub and different power outlets. Any idea what the issue is ? Anyone have this issue? Anyone have experience with trying to get BIC to help when slightly out of warranty? Also where can i get a replacement amp, wouldnt mind getting the same amp it came with.
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Well called BIC Acoustech today, got a very prompt answer over the phone. The gentleman on the phone told me that they would repair or replace at no charge. Just send it to them. That is awesome, within half an hour i had an email with instructions. If all goes well i will be a very happy customer. So far i would say i would not hesitate to purchase a product made by BIC Acoustech. I will respond once i have resolution. They even said if it was the speaker it self (which they said is unlikely) they would fix or replace as well.. Awesome!! Ii have the amp removed did their tests they sent and will be off to WalMart to get a box and bubble wrap and then off to Post Office or UPS.
Well i sent the amp off on DEC 31st, got it back yesterday. Just installed it. Good as new. They actually repaired my amp, something about a fuse and board issue. Very nice. I am impressed with this company. anyone who will repair when your out of warranty is great in my book. Took a little longer than normal due to holidays and they moved shop to California so after i sent it to them they sent it to California. Thanks BIC

This is good news. We like stories like this. I too have the BIC H-100 for over 2 years and no problems. (hopefully I didn't jinx myself)
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