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Hello. I'd first like to say I'm a complete newbie with regards to audio hardware and am not even sure this is the right forum to post this. I apologize in advance for any misused terminology.

That said, I have a pair of Yamaha MSP5A monitor speakers plugged into my 3.5mm PC audio jack via two 6.35mm adapters (that look something like http://www.gps-haus.de/images/product_images_new/popup_images_alias/1/Nokia-AD-53-Audio-Adapter-2-5mm-auf-3-5mm-100236_0_400x400.jpg ) and a splitter ( http://www.best-b2b.com/userimg/452/498-2/audio-adapter-plug-129.jpg - top left), but the whole setup is very sensitive, and the slightest vibrations may disrupt the sound's stability and might bring about noise. This is probably because one of the adapters is bad, but it was the best solution I could find to use speakers, which I had originally bought for my synthesizer, with my PC.

Using my limited cognizance of audio hardware, I today came up with the idea that there might be some sort of receiver with 6.35 / 3.5 mm audio sockets (into which I could directly plug my monitor speakers), that I could in turn connect to my PC directly using a 6.35 or 3.5 mm jack.

Does anyone know of such a device, or can an alternative solution be suggested? Any insight would be much appreciated.
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