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Issue with DVI-D to HDMI/RCA to 3.5mm setup (No sound) except on not inuse inputs (47LA6200)

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OK, so the issue started when I got my computer together HDMI to HDMI setup no sound so upon doing some research I found out to have sound over HDMI I need an S/PDIF cable to make that happen as my motherboard didn't support that I decided to go with the other option illustrated in my TV's owners manual (LG 47LA6200) DVI to HDMI & RCA to 3.5mm. So That being said I went out bought the cable (Already had the DVI and its a DVI-D converter) so I plugged it in no sound, turned off sound through DVI in the Nvidia control panel no sound, called LG tried numerous things such as changing resolution to 720p and relabeling the HDMI 1 to PC and no sound, so after about 12 hours on the phone (Not kidding) they offered to send me a tech to fix the device. So I described the problem to the tech and he pre ordered the board that deals with sound and video in the TV he replaced the board and again I have no sound. The strange thing is though I can get the sound through every single input that doesn't have a video coming through it (both empty HDMI ports, AV and Component) but I cannot get sound and video at the same time. There have only been two time I actually got it to work but only briefly, And it involved swapping HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 then letting sound come through HDMI 1 and switching back but this only has worked twice of like a good 100 attempts and when It did work both times It changed my monitor to 720p and when the PC went into sleep mode it stopped working and the second time trying to reset the resolution back to 1080p caused it to immediately stop (I have tried putting it back into 720p and doing the swap trick to no end). I honestly have no idea as to what the issue is here the only thing I can think is LG decided to include this feature and forgot about it. It however is clearly depicted in the manual on page 24-25

My computer specs are: H81M-p33 MSI mobo, i5 4430, 8GB 1600mhz ram, 750 GB 5400 rpm hard drive, FBM-01 Rosewill case, Nvidia GTS 250 gpu, Rosewill 450 w PSU but I do not imagine this really has much to do with the issue as it plays the audio through my headphones just fine, and the default audio devices is the port being used for the tv. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Also, If you happen to have the same TV and wouldn't mind setting up a similar config to see if it works or not it would be very appreciated.
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