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Based on many recommendations I purchased Slim 5 rack.

I am trying to assemble it and running into an issue that I cannot get past.

Mid atlantic has great reputation and I am not very handy so it is tough to determine if I am doing something wrong or I have got a defective part.

I have a 42U Slim 5 rack. I am trying to follow the instructions to assemble it.

I attached casters to the bottom.

when I attach 4 rails to the bottom and top I am having issues.

Problem is that rails attach cleanly to the top.

However when I attach them to the bottom they don't go all the way in.

As a result of this the width at the top and 18 inches and width at the bottom is 18.5 inches.

What am I doing wrong? I have tried swapping the railing out. However nothing I have tried can make the railings fit snuggly to the bottom part of the slim 5 rack.

See the picture of railing fitting snugly behind the front of the rack.

See the picture of railing not fitting snugly at the bottom rack.

There isn't enough space for the railing to go all the way in.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. I had promised my family their first movie tonight but this issues had stopped me in my track.

If you don't have a suggestion should I call Mid atlantic or my retailer for support. I am trying to figure out how long I will be waiting for this part to be replaced.

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