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I just got a Sony HT-C60 soundbar (opt/coax/analog inputs) and have an LG 47LV5500 TV (optical/headphone out only). I had it connected via optical and I get sound on the bar, but since it's an optical connection, I can't use the TV's remote (and onscreen volume) to control the volume.

I really would like to use the TV remote for volume and use the onscreen numbers as my indicator (the bar doesn't have one) so I thought I could use a mini-toslink-to-optical cable and plug it into the headphone port of the TV. This didn't get me any sound on the soundbar though...

I have verified that I can get sound from the TV if I plug in regular headphones. No sound on the soundbar whether the TV speakers are ON or OFF.

Any ideas? Shouldn't I be able to use a headphone-to-digital cable with the soundbar?
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