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Hi there, long time lurker, first time poster.

I recently bought a Sony 40" W5100, its my first TV buy, and I'm actually pretty satisfied with it thus far. I've set the TV well enough, at least I feel as so, for all my sources except one: my PC.

I've been using the AVC HD video files to set my TV and I noticed whenever I play the mp4 videos with VLC or Quicktime, they look one way, but in Windows Media Center/Player, they look completely different. In VLC and Quicktime in the basic settings video, to get the bars to clip after 17, I have to set the brightness at around 67, but if the TV is set that way in WMC, the image is super washed out and all of the bars appear flashing. Same with setting picture/contrast, in VLC and QT, I can't get bars above 233 to flash, but in WMC, all of them flash. With VLC and QT, APL doesn't make a difference in how the TV is set, but in WMC, the APL of the image makes the settings flux DRAMATICALLY. If I set the TV to what VLC and QT outputs, the display just in general performs well (at least I think so) except for when I use WMC, but if I set the TV to WMC, I feel only WMC looks good and nothing else does. For now, I have one setting saved to one viewing mode and another to a second viewing mode and just switch back and forth whenever I need to, but I was wondering why different programs can flux so wildly like that? And should I trust VLC and QT more? I don't know.

Also, I have a question about text. I've run cleartype, but some text (depending on the size, but red text is particularly bad, no matter the size) looks really terrible. It looks multicolored and like it has a pink outline sometimes. Cleartype doesn't seem to be helping. Any ideas to fix this?

I've got some issues setting the gamma too, but found another guy that was having problems with that on the forums (similar TV too) and I don't even wanna TOUCH that, haha.

Well, if anybody has any advice or knowledge, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks
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