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Issues with Cox Record 6 Contour Cisco 9865HDC OVERSCAN/UNDERSCAN

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Hello All,

Today I upgraded from the dinosaur SA 8240HDC to the new Cox Record 6 box! For reference I also have a new 2013 Vizio M series 60" TV connected directly to it with HDMI cable.

The SA 8240HDC always completely filled the TV's 16X9 with no over/under scan issues on standard HDTV TV programs.

As soon as the new Cisco 9865HDC booted up and we switched to HD programming it was clear that there was an under scan issue. There was a strip of various color pixels along the top edge of the TV and the sides were always short of the edge ect. ( BTW -- I have it set to 1080i WIDE in the cisco settings for the box)

ALSO, on 720p material ( like FOX channels) the top edge is about 1" shorter than the 1080i material!

So, you will say, why did you let the installer leave that shiiiitty box? -- I had him immediately swap it out for another brand new shrink-wrapped box. SAME ISSUES.

I have addressed the issues mostly with stretching the picture with the VIZIO remote but its still not perfect and the black bar at the top of 720p material is still blatant.

Any ideas on how to fix this or who to fix it?


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Did u play with the other output resolutions, 1080i versus 720p versus 1080p?

Also some displays like Panasonic have various internal settings for overscan that are different than stretch modes.

Other than that, not sure what's up. Best,


I have tried the two HD output options it shows as available 1080i and 720p. Doesn't make a difference. All the 720p native programs seem to have a black bar at top of program. Strange.

BTW -- This Cisco box is annoying that it shows the options as 1080i WIDE and 720p WIDE ( poorly named) and the audio choice as DD or PCM. Since it is connected through HDMI why doesn't it select the best resolution and audio for the TV that its connected to ? It comes out of the box brand new as PCM and letterboxed HD!


did you look for overscan options (not stretching options) on the display?

i can adjust the overscan on the brand new Vizio TV but it still doest fix the issue with this Cisco box.

Cox is sending out a lead tech tomorrow so lets see what he says....
Cox tech of 20 years agreed that there is an issue with no overscan adjustment in the Cisco box and he would take it back to his boss......


Turn off the overscan on the TV.  Cox techs were stupid when it came to this.  I fixed it in about 30 sec by turning off the overscan
Bernie did you ever get this resolved? I'm about to have to get one of these 9865HDC's so I'm curious about this issue. Thanks.
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