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Issues with Netflix Subtitles / Captions

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Hey everyone!

I've recently bought a Roku 2 to stream Netflix, Hulu and so on. While I was trying Netflix on it, I noticed that most of the time, even though I had the option to activate the subtitles, they would not appear during playback.

I thought this might be a Roku 2 issue, but I'm now having the same problem with the Boxee Box (and this did not happen before).

Most of the titles that I tried that *have* subtitles available (i.e. they play on the PC), are not showing up. Below are some examples of the titles that I've tried to play.

Heroes S01E01 - subtitles work

Samantha Who S02E19 and S02E20 - subtitles work

The Fighter - subtitles work

Ugly Betty S04 - subtitles don't work

Brothers and Sisters S04 - subtitles don't work

Desperate Housewives S05 - subtitles don't work

Switched at Birth S01E01-03 - subtitles don't work

Prison Break S04 - subtitles don't work

Note that I've only tried to play a few episodes from each tv show, but it seems that none of the episodes of those shows actually displays the subtitles.

I've spoken today to Netflix' costumer service and, of course, they weren't aware of the problem and just told me to report it using the "Report Problem" button in the website.

If you could tell me if you can reproduce the issue and maybe report it as well, that would be great

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With the Boxee, I tried Brothers and Sisters S04E01, selected subtitles and they did not work. I then checked Food Inc and the subtitles worked fine. So, it looks like you're on to something.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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