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I actually narrowed my choices down to the Samsung LN-46a650 or the Panasonic TH-46PZ85u.

Now that CES is here, manufacturers are announcing new TVs every hour.

Has anyone made sense of the new models yet and how one can decide now what to do.

I have $1,300 burning a hole in my pocket ready to buy a 46 inch TV and am even more confused.

LCD vs Plasma

2008 vs 2009 models

Samsung vs Panasonic

are we all dizzy yet like I am..............

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Originally Posted by blajoie /forum/post/15503809

I'm just as dizzy.

leaning towards the Samsung LN-46a650 myself...

Hoping prices will drop with the release of the newer models but don't want to wait too long!

Same here. It will probably be August-September by the time CES-announced models hit the streets at reasonable prices. I'm trying to finally drop the cash on something respectable so I can enjoy HD this year.

I wonder how many TVs would be in the dump if manufacturers used a leasing model like car companies.
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