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It worked !! Chaintech AV710 :)

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Thanks to all the posts here and elsewhere I now have bit-perfect output over S/PDIF :D

Steps for those that may be unsure:

1. Make sure you have the Prodigy bios etc on a bootable floppy disk, download the latest Prodigy drivers as well.

2. Boot computer from floppy.

3. Use eeprw.exe to take a snapshot of the chaintech's bios

4. use eeprwa.exe to burn the Prodigy bios.

5. Reboot

6. Windows will pick up the new soundcard, when it asks point it at the directory with the Prodigy drivers in.

7. Reboot when it asks.

8. In Winamp, set the output to the ASIO output plugin to ASIO 2.0 - ProDigy 7.1

9. Voila !

I'm having trouble with latencies. Currently, the plugin has the following settings:

Thread Priority: Time critical

Buffer size: 24

Shift Output channels: 0

No resampling

No gapless mode

Convert 1channel to 2channels

No 'Use Direct input monitor'

and for the Prodigy the latency is set 256 samples.

I get bleeps occasionally and I'm wondering what everyone else has everything set to.

It also seems to lose track completely occasionally, however when i stop the track and change the latency it goes back to being fine.

It certainly sounds better than the SoundStorm through the Soundstorm ASIO drivers but it's a bit more sensitive to what you're doing on the computer. However the soundstorm does occasionally distort horribly until you pause/unpause the track.

Cheers !

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Why bother flashing?

Bit-perfect here using 3.10a drivers
Same here. Have had bit perfect for a while a now using just the via drivers and ASIO.
256 samples is very low. Can you not increase it in the drivers? I'm at 512 with Delta 410.
Apparently ASIO doesn't work through the S/PDIF output from what I've been reading ?? That's why I flashed.

Yeah nudged the samples to 1024 and it's settled down...sorry new to this ASIO lark :)
I'm using the Chaintech AV-710 with toslink optical output to a Denon AVR 3300 receiver and have TT2.0 set to output SP/DIF.

I have to admit to being a neophyte when it comes to using this sound card... can someone explain how I know whether or not I've got "bit-perfect output" to my receiver? If I don't how do I set it?
Download a DTS wav from here , play it in foobar2K (select kernel streaming output). If your receiver detects DTS you're good
I downloaded a DTS .wav file but have no "kernel streaming output" option in Foobar2k under preferences... only "wave out," "null output," or "Direct Sound." I don't think it's working as I only hear static when I play the file.

When I play Gladiator via TheaterTek 2.1 and set the sound to DTS the receiver DTS indicator light does go on however....
Originally posted by mnn1265
When I play Gladiator via TheaterTek 2.1 and set the sound to DTS the receiver DTS indicator light does go on however....
That means that your card does output 48kHz DTS signal correctly (DVD movie audio is always 48kHZ). However that doesn't necessarily mean you have bit-perfect output when you play a 44.1kHz source file (your mp3s, wavs, CDs and such)

You can download KS plugin for foobar2000 here
Thanks for your assistance SicteR, I downloaded the .dll and put it in the components folder in Foobar2k and was then able to select the kernal streaming option in Foobar2.

I'm getting closer! Now however when I attempt to opten the DTS .wav file I get an error:

ERROR (foo_out_ks) : KS output error: error opening device.

Perhaps this means it's not working?

Edit: Oooops, I think I did something incorrectly as it generates the same error for any file I attempt to play. Do I need to register the new .dll?
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in foobar2000:

1. Make sure you don't have any DSPs activated (not even volume control)

2. Select '24bit fixed-point padded to 32bit' (Playback tab)

In VIA control panel(3.10a driver):

1. Make sure you're in 2 channel mode ( not Hi sample 2ch )

2. Select 'Digital Out' tab > select 'PCM only' > go to 'Sample rate & Immerzio' tab > check 'Automatic' (make sure that Immerzio 3D Gaming support is UNchecked) > go back to 'Digital out' tab and select 'AC3 or PCM with Auto selection' > close VIA Control panel

Play a DTS 44.1kHz wav in foobar to check if you get bit-perfect out
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Made the changes in Foobar2k.

I'm in a world of hurt though on the next step as I don't have a VIA control panel applet... I installed the ENVY24 1.30c drivers and it created something called the "Audio Deck" application - when I open it says "Vinyl ENVY Audio" and there are no tabs that you referred to. Did the VIA applet come with the Chaintech card? I didn't see it on the installation CD...
Hm, can't help you there as I've never had those drivers. You can try to find some similar settings to those I've described and see what happens.

When I bought my AV710 I downloaded the 3.10a drivers and they've served me well. The newest one is 3.24c but I'd stay away from it as there have been reports it will mess up bit-perfect output.

Remember that you already have bit-perfect out for your DVDs. Unless you want to play DTS CDs (which is why I bought my AV710) it's not that big of an issue.
You've gotten me very close and I'm sure I'll get the rest figured out. You're right, I at least have DTS DVD's working and there is no urgent need for me to play DTS CD's right now.

I've learned a lot, thanks again!
Ok, sorry for bringing my topic back again.

I reflashed back to being an AV710 again as the Prodigy drivers just made the sound flake out all the time eventually no matter what I did.

Now back to a standard AV710 with latest VIA drivers and ASIO4ALL and it's working perfectly.

Now which is actually better quality ? 44.1KHz S/PDIF into my Denon receiver or the 192KHz analogue out on the card ?

Cheers !
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I am using the Chaintech 710 with the latest drivers(v432b from viaarena.com). I am having hard time getting Winamp to use ASIO plugin to play DTS cds. All I get is noise on my Denon 2803 receiver. My system OS is WinXP with SP2.

Do you mind emailing or posting your exact settings for Via drivers, ASIO4ALL(v2.2) and Winamp? My email address is [email protected] .

Thank you.
There is a huge thread dedeicated to setting up Bit P{erfect using the Chaintech AV710 here, just serach for it. Thats how I got it working and it has step by step instructions.
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