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The long awaited Avia Pro is finally here. I believe it hits the shelves in a week or two.

Please note the amount of content is so overwhelming that Ive have a long way to go before being able to give any kind of a review but I am so excited I wanted to post on the topic anyway. Further more there are far more technically qualified people than myself on this forum who are better qualified to comment toward the technical aspects of Avia Pro but believe me the pickiest will not be disappointed.

Im going to pass along just enough info to get everyone excited and hope that Guy Kuo can jump in and handle the technical question. He did an outstanding job with the test patterns and the explanation that accompanies each pattern in the binder.

Avia Pro is targeted toward the custom installer/ISF trained technician and its priced accordingly ($400) and worth every dime.

It comes in a very nice padded 3 ring binder that fits in its own protective box both labeled very nicely. Very professional looking. The binder is nice because the technician can carry this with him and file customer notes keeping everything organized. I also believe there may be future upgrades as Avia Pro matures and the binder will also hold any future disc's and chapters that will accompany them.

Inside you will find 5 disc's: 16x9 test patterns, 4x3 test patterns,CEA-896-A DVD-Video test signals, SMPTE disc and a RPG disc with 2 more Audio disc shipping as a supplement shortly. Those buying early will also receive these disc free of charge when they ship.

In the binder there are 7 chapters of to cover each disc. Each chapter is loaded with pictures of each patter and an explanation how to use that pattern.

The chapters are: 16:9/4x3 test patterns, Genesis, Audio test tones, DVD Audio test tones, CEA, SMPTE, RGB.

There is so much information that it will keep the best of the tweaker in heaven for weeks reading up on all that this package can do. Guy really out did himself on this one. Now I know why hes been so busy for so long.

I have spent some time checking out the 16x9 test patterns and I'm glad to report its very easy to navigate. Very easy. I like that.

There are patterns labeled for CRT and patterns labeled for digital projectors.

I wish I could remember all the patterns but there are so many I would be here all night. Again this is designed for the professional and not the average consumer but most on this forum will find this a must have.

Heres a picture of the discs.

Ive just begun to dig into the software myself so I am sorry I do not have more information at this time but give me a few days and Ill be glad to answer any questions I can. One thing is for sure my displays at the house will look better than ever when I'm done giving them the Avia Pro treatment.

In the meantime maybe Guy can jump in and keep the technical side of things going.

Congratulations to the Avia team for packaging such a professional system. It was well worth the wait.
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