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Been a long time user of iTunes as a sound library system, especially since a lot of media creation programs I use on Mac integrate with it. iTunes has been revolutionary and all that, but I thought I'd share my glossary of terms with other users.
Feel free to add to the list.

Protected = Rented

Purchased = Apple's not selling enough of it

Low Quality = The sound of dumpsters colliding

Medium Quality = Dumpsters colliding with some foam in between them

High quality = Did we mention how many songs you can fit?

Bit Rate = Something akin to a golf score

iTunes Plus = See "purchased"

EQ = Simulate a radio broadcast

Genius Recommendations = Steve Jobs' recommendations some dude wrote down in a meeting

Cover Flow = Clip art of musical notes

Organize By Column = Completely lose the place you were at in the library

Artist = Composer

Composer = Artist

Artist = Not composer

Composer = Not artist

Artist = Sometimes not artist

Composer = Sometimes not composer

Bonus Content for Films = Seriously? Do you like movies or something?

BD support = Concession of an Apple imperfection (never gonna happen)

Complete Integration w/ iPhone = Your voice-memo grocery list plays right after The Rolling Stones, when friends are over for dinner. Uhhh Cheetos. Puffy kind.
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