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Which, read below for details

  • C-300 set up

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  • c-r100 set-up

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Ive Got 2 Options

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I currently have 2 ENERGY C-200 and a ENERGY cc-50 Center.

I can either

1) Get Energy c-300 floorstanders and move my c-200 as surrounds


2) I can get Energy C-R100 bi-polar surrounds

The only downside i can think of with the c-300 is that i think they are the eqivalent to the c-100 bokshelfs which would be below my c-200`s
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The C-300 has the exact same drivers as your C-200, not the smaller C-100.

The advantage of the C-300 is the much larger cabinet. You'll get deeper bass and a fuller sound from the C-300.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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