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Hello! I'm new in yours Forum and my english is poor,sorry, but I hope somebody can help me.

I just got a new iXtreamer and a WD Caviar Green 3TB WD30EZRX HDD. In Setting menu I updated the System firmware to 2.7.0 and the Dock firmware to 0.1.4 already via USB. Then I installed the -in my PC formated- HDD. (iXtreamer don't format 3TB)

If I click on Xtreamering I get a message (on the screen's rights upper corner): NO HDD Then I choose: Check for upgrade in Xtreamering, I get a black screen or sometimes a message: No HDD or USB presents! Please connect HDD/ USB and check if it is mounted as /sda1 or /sda

They are connected! I don't able to upgrade! (JukeBox etc don't work)

If I try Xtreamer Live!, (On disclaimer screen I agree download now and I press 1 on RC to accept it) I get a message:Do you want to install now? xLive Current version not installed. New version 10.5. I click OK and nothing happens. I don't able to use xLive!

My new iXtreamer show up under "Network" in Windows Explorer as "MYXTREAMER". Once I navigate to it and double-click on it, I see "sda2" (which one is the hard drive in it) and sdb (USB).

How do I can to booting the intern HDD as sda or sda1?

Thanks in advance.
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