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I'm in a battle with J-Tech. They will not admit that their product cuts the HDMI audio to 2-channel. They need to remove from their product description 'LPCM 7.1, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD'. I fully tested their product and sent it back.

See: Robert Koernke review

What they wrote back is true... but did not justify their posting for the product. You can decode '5.1 and 7.1' from a 2CH stream for DTS and DTS+ and AC3 EDID for Dolby Digital, but not any pure lossless HDMI streams of multichannel that they are advertising for their product. It cuts the audio somewhere on one of the ends of the line. I've emailed support, but I'll I get is, you've emailed 'after hours'.

I recommended on the review the Halls-Research product, although much more expensive.
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