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Jamo c-401 vs TSC TSB bookshelfs

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II have a smaller room picked up the tsc tsb bookshelfs for 79 bucks during the closeout, saw the jamo c-401 on vanns for 79 bucks says retail 399.99. It has a smaller woofer 4 inch oppsed to 5.25 on the tsc. Are the jamos a better sounding speakers cant find a review anywhere on them. Already purchased will sell the set I like less.
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since you will have both sets to test, only you will know which is best for your listening conditions. Good luck testing and experimenting - let us know which brand you like.
I got the jamos today didnt realize u could not post ebay links so i got flagged for spam? anyway I like the jamos there smaller than the tsb but overall have a better highere end, lower end not quite as good due to sixze of the 4 inch woofer. I do not think the msrp of 399 however is acurate, they may be worth 229 or up but 400 bucks a stretch, there made well but the energy rc mini trumps it in build quality I will be selliong the tsc tsb bookshelfs as there too tall thanks. edit

after some speaker placement changes the tsc wins hand town sweetier silkier sounding speakers, no question like the jamos but they sound thin in comparison
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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