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Jamo C 60 5.1 Home Theater System


(2) C 607 floorstanders, (2) C 60 surrounds, (1) C 60 center channel and (1) 15" Jamo D6 THX Sub

The entire system is in excellent condition with very minor cosmetic blemishes to the Floors.

The Surrounds and Center Channel have never been used in an actual 5.1 set-up.

I bought them for my dad but he died before I ever got a chance to hook the full 5.1 up so they were only opened and set-up to demo for people looking to buy them just recently.

They are currently set-up for demo purposes ONLY in a temperature controlled environment and are NOT in regular use.

The system also comes with a mint D6 THX Subwoofer which pounds and goes down to 28Hz.

I've been trying to sell on Craig's List but thought I'd try the AVS forum too as many people don't know Jamo and how great of a speaker company it is.

Shipping / Demo / Pick-Up:

I don't really want to ship the system as I've never done that before and wouldn't want to risk damaging such a great 5.1 system that means a lot to me. If anyone has experience I'm totally open to suggestions. We could work that out, No Problem!.

I would also be willing to demo at my house in Avon, Indiana or meet someone half way in the middle of our locations. Depends on how far. I'd like to sell this awesome system to someone who will appreciate it for what its worth and enjoy the musical qualities it has to offer.

I'm asking $1,400 OBO for the full 5.1 but depending on how the exchange takes place can negotiate from there. It all just depends on the transportation and the deal we work out.

Please let me know if your are interested.

Thanks for reading!
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