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So, I recently received my Jamo S406 HCS 1 speakers from Vann's, and the "instruction manual" that came with them has minimal information, so I am turning these questions back to the people I trust and who haven't steered me wrong as of yet.

1) The front towers have a port on the rear. How far away from the front wall should they be, at a minimum, to not lose sound quality or does that matter?

2) The center speaker will have to be placed either approximately 14 inches below the top of the towers or 20 inches above them to center the speaker with the TV screen. Which is better and should there be any angling of the center speaker?

3) Should the towers be parallel to the front wall or turned in slightly so the the direct path of sound is aimed at the listener in front of the TV? There will be two primary viewing/listening positions when watching TV/movies, center of TV and to the stage left of the TV. Does that make a difference to maximize the audio for both positions?

4) Speaking of the two aforementioned listening positions, should the rear surrounds be placed facing the viewing position in front of the TV or aimed at a more "equal" area? Currently, I have the four speakers aimed where they would converge in the center of the room. (Imagine a straight line connecting the front-right to the rear-left and front-left to rear-right. That is my current orientation).

5) One of the guides I read mentioned having the front right and left at viewing ear height and rear right and left slightly higher. The rears are no problem, but the top of the floor-standing fronts is probably 6-8 inches lower than my ear height. How much of a difference will that make and, if significant, what is the best way to get them a few inches higher?

I think that covers the placement. Of course, if you need more info, let me know and I'll post what I can. Once the new receiver and sub arrive, I may have some more technical questions, but that's a couple weeks away (stupid backorders)!

Thanks in advance!
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