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Jamo S606 HCS 3 5.0 Speakers - Austin, TX (Lakeway)

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Selling a practically new set of JAMO Studio S606 HCS 3 5.0 Speakers. They have been used lightly and sound fantastic but are too large for the room, so unfortunately I have to get rid of them. They would be awesome for a Home Theater set-up, with the 8-inch woofer there is really not much need for a subwoofer; these speakers deliver crisp, tight sound. Just pair it with a nice receiver (NOT INCLUDED) and enjoy. I also have the protective sleeves for all the speakers for safe transportation. Included with the speakers are both sets of sets of anti-vibration spikes for the fronts, manual and bumpers for the rear speakers.

The Jamo Home Cinema System has been compared to much more expensive sets by Klipsch but at half the cost or more. This is a 5.0 speaker system which includes two towers with side firing woofer, two surrounds and a center speaker. They are housed in black speaker cabinets with the two towers featuring glossy, piano black accent pieces in pristine condition. All of the speaker netting is included and is flawless.


With more than 810 watts of music power, the Jamo S 606 HCS 3 system offers excellent value for the money without compromises in design or sound.

All of the speakers come with removable front fabric grilles. You have the choice of having them on or off; it simply shows that we have nothing to hide with these beauties!

With their great high gloss black finish and attractive design, the S 606 HCS 3 home theater components look great together--and look great in any room.


The S 606 has a 1-inch tweeter and two 5-inch midrange drivers that ensure strong, clear vocals and instrumentation, while the 8-inch side-mounted woofer delivers a deep, thunderous bass. The S 606 is fully equipped for optional bi-wiring and bi-amplification. Furthermore, the easily adjustable spikes ensure that the speakers always stand securely; making a good, stable mechanical contact with the floor.

The center and satellite speakers come with supplied wall mounts, providing terrific versatility when it comes to placement options.
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Are you firm on the no shipping? Nine hours one way to pick them up is a bit too much.
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