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I have a Jamo 210 subwoofer in my surround system, but the subwoofer makes a buzzing sound whenever it has to produce sound.

You can hear it clearly on low levels.

Here is a video of the sound it makes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5yvg7to6aqcrey/20140226_201415.mp4

The buzzing is generated when connected to the power supply, but not necessarily when connected to the receiver.

If the sub is only connected to the power supply and you press slightly on the cone, you generate the same "tick" as in the video. So it looks like it creates this sound whenever the cone starts vibrating (and when it is connected to the power outlet).

Does anyone have any suggestions where to look further or is the unit probably faulty?

I am not in the possession of spare parts to test replacements.


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