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Japanese monster movies...where are they?

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Japan has released quite a few Godzilla movies and movies of that genre without sub-titles, in the original Japanese language, and in OAR on laser disc. They are also NTSC. Does anyone know if Japan will be releasing those same movies for Region 1 on DVD. It would be great to see the original Godzilla without Burr, The Mysterians, etc. The reason I'm asking because it's a little tough to spend $50 on eBay for one of those movies on laser disc!
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There are several Region 2 Godzilla movies out right now, including the original. You can find them here

Sadly, none of them have English subtitles. Criterion was going to release the original Japanese "Godzilla" on DVD a few years back, I asked them about that in the recent chat on home theater forum, but they said it was "a no go".

The Gamera movies on the other hand, appear to ALL have English subs. If only they were cheaper!
The only Japanese theme I have is Godzilla 1998 with a grown up Matthew Broderick. All the others including the original from 1954 "Godzilla" who was killed by an oxygen destroyer housed in two little balls. 1954 was the year that my "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" Came out in color.

My favorite Japanese monster film "Rodan".

I like monster films I have loads of them.

First monster movie seen "The Creeping Unknown" in 1956, I was 9 and got a 'fire dept truck' ride home, they found me up in a tree scared by the sound of the bushes. I went into the movie theatre it was daylight, when I came out it was dark. My mom and dad were laughing when the fire chief told them where I was hiding from the monster, I am now laughing but back then I was scared stiff, 45+ years ago in the last century!:)

With all the grim news in the world, thanks for the reminding me of a much more innocent time. When I was about eight or nine years old, I remember running a 200 ft 8mm copy of RODAN for the kids in the neighborhood on my old man's Wollensak. We all loved it; I still do.

I hope a broader range of B movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s (including the great paranoid science-fiction films--THEM, et al) are eventually available to us on DVD.

Anyway, good luck in your hunt for kaiju happiness.

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Mike yes we need to remember our youth, wether it's about kids or us when we were young. You just reminded me to tell you

that the 1954 movie THEM Starring Edmund Gwen and those big ants that I have seen over 250 times. I have a pre-recorded Vhs tape still wrapped for when my tape that I use on my HDTV fails. Of course if they make a widescreen DVD, I won't even ask the price. How did you like my true story of my first fire engine ride, I just didn't realize that it would be dark when I came out.

The movie was part of the 3 Professor Quatermass series of the BBC. I have the wide screen DVD "5 million Years To Earth" DVD, I also have a wide screen copy taken off the then free of commercials American Movie Classics. Mike I guess we will never see "The Thing From Another World originally made in B & W in color on DVD. I have a vhs copy when I bought it at a pawn shop no less, I never knew it was colorized, nice chatting I liked your response immensely.:)
inspector, I have all of the Region 2 Gamera & Godzilla DVD's that were on the link that joekun provided in his reply, and these transfers are fantastic when compared to the terrible transfers that Godzilla movies have received here in Region 1. If you have the ability to play Region 2 DVD's, I strongly suggest that you purchase them, you can even find a slightly better price on some of them at www.amotokyo.co.jp:D.
Thanks for the link 35mm Man! I need to get some of these discs, they sound great! BTW, do the Godzilla discs have English on them at all, or do you understand Japanese?
I have a Godzilla dual sided DVD double feature, Godzilla vs. Destroyah and Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla. Both late 90s releases real good special effects. However it's in Pro-logic or DD 2.0, but with Logic 7 or DPL II, it still sounds great. Check the Sci-fi section at Best Buy.

I enjoyed your 'fire rescue' tale very much. I remember being about eleven years old, sitting in the front row of the Hollywood theater in northeast Minneapolis and being dumbstruck by the original KING KONG.

You might want to check out ENGLEWOOD ENTERTAINMENT or SINISTER CINEMA (You can find their web sites via Yahoo or Google.). They feature both well known and obscure genre films of the era you and I are most fond. ENGLEWOOD has KRONOS and MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL in DVD. SINISTER is all VHS, but their catalog is a joy to behold.

Yes, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS and IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE would look great on DVD. I'm sure in the long run they will be, especially if Universal does well with their classic horror series.

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joekun, Only the Gamera DVD's have the English Subtitles, and unfortunately I don't understand Japanese, but it's not really hard to follow the story line on the Godzilla DVD's, especially if your familiar with the movie already.
I have Godzilla 2000 which I like quite a bit. Same studio that put out the originial...great cheesy bad dialogue and pretty decent 5.1.

I picked up a Gamera LD from Lasercity for $7 new.

They had a few left if you want to check and see

I liked your fire story, but you wanna know something? I picked "inspector" as my log in name because I really am an inspector...a FIRE inspector. I've been riding on fire trucks for 15 years and inspecting building for 10 years and absolutely still love it. Hopefully in the future a site will be set up in Japan that will sell Japanese monster movies for Region 1...with the original sound, color, OAR and in the Japanese language, just like it was meant to be shown, just like they did on laser, AND NO DUBBING!!! Gotta dream, gotta dream!!!
I had never heard of those LDs! Anyone know where I can get some of them online?

I'm planning to go on a trip to Japan again next year, and given the price of used LDs in Akihabara (about $10-15 last time I was there) I may have to do some shopping :D

eBay sells them all the time under "Godzilla". Of course you can be more title specific. Good luck in Japan and I hope you find some real good titles!
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