JBL and Infinity are both known for offering HUGE discounts during sale events. Between now and June 30 you can take advantage of the massive savings on either JBL or Infinity Speakers and subs.

The choice is up to you! The JBL 500 Series offers listeners a 2-way design that incorporates a horn-loaded compression-driver tweeter, the same venerable tweeter tech most often used in pro speakers. Meanwhile Infinity offers 2-way and 3-way speaker designs leveraging its CMMD driver tech, which stands for "Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm".

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JBL Studio 500 Series


Description of DealMSRPSale% Off
Save 67% on JBL Studio 570 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Was $599.95, Now $199.99) $599.95$199.99-67%
Save 56% on JBL Studio 580 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Was $799.95.95, Now $349.99) $799.95$349.99-56%
Save 58% on JBL Studio 530 Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Was $599.95, Now $249.99) $599.95$249.99-58%
Save 69% on JBL Studio 520C Center-Channel Loudspeaker (Was $349.95, Now $109.99) $349.95$109.99-69%
Save 53% on JBL Studio 590 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Was $999.95, Now $469.99) $999.95$469.99-53%
Save 67% on JBL Sub 550P Subwoofer (Was $599.95, Now $199.99) $599.95$199.99-67%

Infinity Reference Series


Description of DealMSRPSale% Off
Save 70% on the Infinity Reference RS152 Loudspeakers (Was $449.95, Now $129.99) $449.95$129.99-71%
Save 62% on the Infinity Reference 263 Loudspeakers (Was $499.95, Now $199.95) $499.95$199.95-61%
Save 60% on the Infinity Reference Sub R12 Subwoofer (Was $499.95, Now $199.99) $499.95$199.99-60%