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JBL EON 515s vs Yamaha DSR 118w advice

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Hello AVS!

I have a dilema, my actual setup is 2x JBL EON 315 monitors and 1x JBL EON 518s subwoofer.

I play electronic dance music, usually outside and for small audiences. Im quite satisfied with the setup I have at the moment, but Im looking for a more powerful bass.

At 1st, I thaught I will buy 2nd EON 518s and link it with my current EON sub, but I heard people speaking about Yamaha DSR 118w as being louder and sounding better, while being in a same price range.

So I have following options, sorted by difficulty to achieve from easy to hard:

A) buy 2nd EON

B) buy Yamaha and play EON+Yamaha DSR linked together (will those two work ok in chain?)

C) buy Yamaha, sell EON and than buy 2nd Yamaha DSR subwoofer

It seems like 2x Yamaha (800w - 132db SPL) will play almost like 3x EON (500w - 129db SPL), but is it really so? Is the problems with selling old EON 518s worth it? How reliable is Yamaha DSR compared to EON 518s?

Any advice will be greatly appretiated.

Thanks a lot in advance (and pardon my English please, its my 2nd language)
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The company I work for does large-scale integration for churches, performing arts centers, etc.  We have our own in-house engineering team so we sell any brand we want based on the application.  While we sell a ton of JBL product, we don't sell the EON line.  We'd take the Yamaha over the EON.  However, we sell the QSC KW181 far more than the Yamaha.  In our opinion, while it's a few extra dollars, it's the clear winner.




Out of curiosity, where are you located?

Hi Pitaface, thanks for a reply.


That thing looks like a beast for sure, a bit bigger but still smaller than 2x EON or 2x Yamaha subs. Thing for me to consider is the real power consumption, and also the "loudness" and quality compared to the above mentioned 2x EON 518s or 2xYamaha DSR combo, because 1x KW181 costs almost like a 2x EON or 2x Yamaha +/-. Im from Czech republic, Europe.

For outdoor, I'd go with 2 Yamahas over one KW181.  Just my $0.02.  I'd take two of the QSC's over two of the others if you had more money for me to spend! 
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2x kw181 is out of my price range at the moment, also too big as I transport it in normal combi car :) Any idea on JBL vs Yamaha reliability in general?

Nope.  We've had no reliability issues with either JBL or Yamaha products in general, but being that we don't sell Eon's, I can't speak to that.  No issues with the Yamaha subs that we have sold.


Hope that helps.

Ok thanks for Your opinions, very appretiated!

Still looking for opinions and advices on this topic :)
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