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Looking for the following:

Qty of 2 - JBL L820

Qty of 1 - JBL LC2

Qty of 2 - JBL L810 (I will consider two more L820's in place of L810's if the price is right)

If anyone has any of these to available or has leads I can pursue please let me know by sending me a PM.

I found a few on AudiogoN but the listing reached its thirty day limit shortly after I found it and before a deal was made. The seller has now stopped responding via pm/email so I'm looking again. I'm also checking ebay and craigslist. JBL direct with refurbs can account for part of this system if I can find other pieces elsewhere, but budget will prevent me from buying all of them at retail/refurb prices. I need to find some good used units as well.

I know there are other and certainly better speakers out there and I may well end up going in another direction but I already got these wife approved so I'm doing my best to find some of these before I present her with other options.

Budget is ~$800 for a 5.0 system. WAF requires no floorstanding towers and minimal onwall protrusion. (The L820's are 5inches deep). I can't do inwalls because there is an HVAC return in the location where I need the the front right speaker to be.

Thanks for the help in locating these.
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