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JBL LS80 Towers and LS Center

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JBL 5.0 Set! LS80 Towers and LS Center + 8330 surrounds!

These speakers are amazing for home theater! Incredibly dynamic and clear. JBL has their **** together! They sound great for music as well. These replaced KEF Q900's and a Q600 center and were better in every way!

Beautiful mahogany lacquer sides. My Wife is upset that I am moving on but I got the upgrade bug with the Polk blowout sales from Adorama. She hand polished these constantly and kept the dust off them. Actually the Polk LSiM707's are not better than these and with dynamics they can't touch them. The Polks go lower and are a bit more refined in the ultra highs but that's about it. However, I am now committed as shipping 148lb packages back to Adorama isn't going to happen.

Excellent condition. Gorgeous speakers! These were polished and babied while they were here. I am seriously considering keeping these but I don't have the room. A small ding on the rear corner which happened during shipping that cannot be seen with normal use.

EDIT: 10-09-2019; Added JBL 8330 surrounds I picked up off Ebay a couple years ago and they work with this setup perfectly. These sound amazing, very dynamic and powerful but the grill cloth is just a bit rough. Can't really tell on the wall in my somewhat dimly lit listening room. If I were to hang these in a mansion I would probably get some new grill cloth

$1000 for the entire set! Local pickup only. PA 15650. If you are in the market for a 5.0 home theater speaker system you cannot touch this performance for 1 grand! These will be listed locally as well. I can drive a reasonable distance to meet up. PM me and we can work out a deal.

EDIT: I would like to keep these as a set (Towers and Center together) for now and not split them up. However, I will split the 8330 surrounds if someone is interested but would like to keep the Towers/Center as a set. The definite strong point of these loudspeakers is as a matching front stage in a home theater setup.


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If you'd consider shipping just the center channel, please let me know.
PM sent
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