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Hi all,I have had a YAS 207 but wasn't happy and switched to JBL450 which sounds fantastic in few hours testing it , But I have connection problem.

I was connecting my Yas 207 this way : PS4 HDMI to SB HDMI(207) - SB (HDMI) to TV ACR - everything else to TV HDMI and it was working fine.

I have tried exactly same set up , but nothing come out of PS4(which is in HDM1 of SB and should show on HDMI2 (ACR) of TV , but nothing shown / than I realised I have to click on HDMI1 on SB every time I go to PS4 or click on TV on remote every time back to Sky Q and since the remote can be lost easily(too small) it is going to be a pain . wondering if it's normal ? doesn't it suppose to pick the sound automatically ?

Since this new 450 has more HDMI inputs,I am planning to also connect my SKY Q (4k passthrough) to SB directly ,instead of TV , since it shows few HDR(UHD) footballs movies etc etc , is it a good idea? am I doing the right thing ? will I improve quality ? if it's very marginal , because of remote story I guess I would skip it .

Sorry to many question .
BTW If I could solve connection problem , this soundbar is FANTASTIC /way way better than Yamaha Was 207 I owned prior to this one .
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