If your taste in sound systems tilts toward the top of the line, JBL now offers the Synthesis SDP-75, a pre/pro that's based on the Trinnov Altitude. It'll be available in 16 and 32-channel versions, and JBL is using a 32-channel model for its home theater demos here at CEDIA.

The SDP-75 is exclusively for JBL Synthesis systems, and it deals with room correction a bit differently from its Altitude siblings. Namely, the Altitude retains Trinnov Optimizer and 3D remapping technologies, while the JBL Synthesis version features its own DSP solution. While the final pricing of the SDP-75 has yet to be set—it's set to ship this spring—JBL says it will be very close to the equivalent Trinnov Altitude model, give or take a grand.

JBL is running a 13.4.11-channel system at the show, with the SDP-75 in charge of the processing. The demo room uses 28 of the SDP-75's 32 channels to create a superior sense of audio envelopment.  With that many speakers in the system, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D are sure to deliver a superb surround sound experience. In about an hour after I post this, I will experience the SDP-75 in JBL's immersive audio demo, and I will update this post with photos and video of the room this evening.