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JL Audio F113 Fathom

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Well I got my twin F113s this Saturday. Unfortunetly my brother picked them up from the dealer and drove off with out the cables long enough to reach my processor. I was able to find one cable to use for now. So, I have one of them set up and calibrated. What do I think? I think I only need one!!! The sub fills the room. I can't say enough about how this subs sounds. The bass is very tight and not boomy at all. Lots of power. Looks beautiful. They sent white gloves in the box to wear while setting them up. I also got a Sony XBR2 70in widescreen and it only weighs 10lbs. more than the sub!! Now all I have to do is sell my CS-ultras. I will post more when I get the 2nd sub set up and calibrated.
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OK details. We need details. How is the APO and setup. Have you done any in room testing. Come on man Chop Chop :)
When I get my new Salk Speakers in a couple of weeks, I will try and get a picture of the whole setup and post it. Pics of the F113 and very good on the website. AS for details, hell I'm a doctor not a sound enginer!! I know it sounds awsome to me. I have had other subs in the past, but nothing like this. Details on a sub are hard for me to describe. Not like mains with detail, transparency etc. The setup is very easy. The room equilization is a snap. It has a singel band parametric equilizer that gets rid of the worst peak in the room. It seemed to do a good job. I am not using my SMS-1 at this time. I am going to wait until I get them both setup, then will see if I still need the SMS-1 or not. My Anthem D1 has a signal to check low frequency and sends a low frequency signal to the sub from 18Hz to as high as you have the crossover set. It sounded pretty flat, but I didn't have time to use the Ratshack SPL meter to check for sure. I will do that later this week. I will say that at 18Hz from the D1 signal, the F113 was loud and smooth. I have to give a talk tomorrow night at a meeting, so I am preparing for that in my spare time and will have more time later. Plus I don't want to make in real measurements until I get both subs going.
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SWEET, the F113 are beautiful beast. Enjoy and keep us posted. :D
"Plus I don't want to make in real measurements until I get both subs going."

Totaly understand that. It can be a pain to measure I know. It sounds like they are top shelf subs. Have fun. Just don't cause any damage to your room.
Thanks for the info. Keep us informed when you get all compl,ete.
I have both subs working now. I am amazed at how deep and full they sound. No boomy, bloated sound at all. Haven't had a chance to really get into a good movie yet since I just got them both connected tonight. So far it looks like I can sell my SMS-1 with my CS-Ultras!! With any luck I will get my Salk speakers next Wed. and I will finally have everything I want for my HT and music.
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