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Jm Labs Or Axiom With Denon

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First post so excuse any format errors.

I am looking to buy a 5.1 system. it will be 90% movies and 10% music. I want towers for fronts. My room is 12 x 17 x 8 and opens to a kitchenette/kitchen.

I have doubled my budget after reading this forum/doing research from $1500 to $3000. I have listened to Klipsch RF25, Boston VR2 VR3, Polk. Klipsch were too bright , boston were good , and don't remember the polks.

A friend of a friend who is an installer/dealer is going to audition in my home some JM Labs speakers next week he is giving me a deal and helping me install.

He admits the JM Labs surrounds and sub woofer are not the best and will bring over Boston VRX for surrounds and a Boston sub.


Chorus 716S with 700S center, Boston VRX for surrounds, and sub to be hsu or svs (worry about that later).

approximately = $2300-$2500 depending on the discount/sub


I am also considering Axiom M60s or M80s and VP150 and a pair of QS8s,and hsu or svs sub.



1.Has anyone compared JM Labs with Axioms? I have found a lot of reviews on the Axioms , but little on the JM Labs. I heard that the axioms are not audiophile level for music, but a good value none the less.

2.Should I buy the axioms compare them in home to the JM Labs and if I don't like them send them back? I figure the shipping would be inder $100 to send them back.

3. I will proabably use a Denon 2805 or 3805 ( i like the features of both). My installer is reccommending NAD 743 or 753 (more power less features).

Any differnce between these?

Sorry about all the questions. I would love to take a week off of work and audition speakers , but don't have the time and this forum has great memebers and advice. Any help would be appreciated.
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If it were me, I would go with option 2 and have both in your home to test because "your" ears are what really counts and the best way know what sounds best to you. I have never heard the Axioms but I have heard JM Jabs and I can tell you they sound really good. Their drivers (Focal)are used in many other company's speaker systems and in the DIY world.

If you do decide the NAD, let me know what you think of it because I am going to St. Louis next month and hope to listen to the 773 somewhere. To me, the extra features come 2nd to sound quality and power. From what I've heard though, you would be happy with either Denon or NAD. I currently have a Denon avr-3300 and it's time for upgrade. I would stick with the 3805 if you go Denon for the extra power though.

Good Luck.
Why not just Bostons all around?

I always have a problem with buying speakers and having to pay out of pocket to return them. Sending back a complete set of 5 speakers isn't cheap. But if you don't mind that...they for sure go for option #2. It's better than going on reviews alone because only YOU can pick the best sounding for your ears.

NAD stuff is really great....sonically it has very little competition in its price range. I think they sound better than Denon, Yamaha or the other popular brands around here. My friend's 15 year old two channel amp that puts out 40W per channel sounds cleaner and punchier than my Yamaha RXV2400 ever does.
Does it matter that the NAD 743 is not 7.1 ?

I am planning on only doing 5.1 with wall mount dipoles on the side walls.

For the denon i was wondering

is the video upconverting a believable/valuable feature?

I also like the denon because of the lip sync delay which could be a key issue if i get a dlp or lcd hdtv this summer or is this problem solved ?
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video conversion is a nice feature, that's one of the reason why I bought a Yamaha....the other is the auto room calibration EQ, that's the other big feature that really make me buy a Yamaha versus NAD.

5.1 vs 7.1. Yes, it's nice to have, but I personally could live without it. Properly set up right, 5.1 provides a convincing enough surround sound experience for me.
Demo them both in home so you can hear what you prefer! And, for what it's worth, try the JMLab Rear speakers too. Focal JMlab makes great speakers that I happen to prefer them over many other brands. This is subjective, so your demo session will show you what you like better. They don't have a good Chorus on-wall option that is pretty (it's a bookshelf mounted on the wall). I would listen to the JMLab Chorus Bookshelfs for the rear and ask the dealer to see if he can install Cache 206 In Walls. The Chorus bookshelfs are not weak, they just don't look pretty to install on a wall. I personally think that the Boston mix is a mistake. The Chorus Sub is not an earth shaking sub, yet it sounds very good. For home theater it is fine, but another hi-performing home theater sub in the same $ range can shake your seats more - its what you prefer. Onto receivers...NAD will sound cleaner overall and more linear with more punch. Denon will sound warmer, especially in the midrange, on the JMLab speakers. How can I say this? I've heard both setups. Test and see/hear for yourself. You will make the best purchase this way. Good Luck.
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just to give you an update. i demoed the jm labs chorus 716S,726S, cobalt 816S, 826S, boston VR3, B&W don't remember #.

The boston's were nice. good base nice soundstage.

the 716S were clearer. very good on beethoven's 5th symphony staying solid in the low end and a nice full sound. 726S could tell it had more umph in the middle and on the low end , but for our size room thought 716S would be beyond adequate.

the b&w were not as full as the chorus but pretty good sounding then.....

the cobalt's blew me away. We listened to Tch 4th and it was like pulling back a curtain to the sound. I didn't want to spend that much but my wife (who plays in the symphony) said she could tell the differnce and ok'd the purchase. We are friends of a friend who can get us a deal.

So we are getting the cobalt 816S, center channel. rears we don't know yet .

sub either a hsu or svs thats a question for another thread.

dido on the receiver (NAD, cambridge,rotel arcam,marantz,denon.....)
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Nice choice on the coblalts. I am sure they will keep you happy. I have an Electra setup. There should be no problem with the receivers you are looking at. Again, good choice and enjoy
Having gone with the Cobalts, I'd go w/7below and even more strongly encourage the Cache 206 / IC 206. The tweeters in those are the same as the Cobalts and should match really well.

If you go w/206's, prop some makeshift braces between the drywall sheets on each side of the studs, inside the wall. Manuals wouldn't tell you this, but I found it will goes a long way toward improving the wall as an enclosure.

Congrats and enjoy!

Woodgab, I'll remember your tip as I think I am going to use the IC206 for rear surrounds.
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