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Joe Kane Explains 2-Projector Anamorphic Theater Concept

By Robert Archer
Kane explains why his two-projector approach is a valid solution for no-compromise anamorphic home theater systems.

Joe Kane, the CEO of Joe Kane Productions (JKP), recently explained how to provide a no-compromise, geometry correct home theater system without adding video stretch processing and external lenses to their installations.

His approach in delivering this no-compromise solution, however, was met with confusion and skepticism.

Kane has offered to explain why this setup is not as complicated as it sounds.

How to Implement Two Projectors for a Scope System

There is no edge blending involved in the approach I am taking," Kane says. "When you use two projectors, you use one for CinemaScope and the other for 16:9. The 16:9 is placed in front of the CinemaScope image because it is smaller. The CinemaScope unit is providing a larger image so it needs to be placed behind the 16:9 unit.

Any differences in brightness are in the hands of the installer and how the solution is set up.

Yes, the 2.35 image has the potential of being less bright than the 1.78 image, Kane acknowledges.

The reality of how it [the picture quality] turns out is dependent on the installer and how he chooses to present the images. The 2.35 image is covering a larger image and if you assume both projectors have the same light output, when you put an image on a larger [screen] area it will be dimmer."

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what concept? I've been doing the same things for the past several years for some of my clients. You can also get the same effect using only one projector by using Panasonic PT-AE3000U and now PT-AE4000U.
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