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JP1 and Charter DVR remote!

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Hello folks...before I order a JP1 cable and try to make this remote work with everything that I have , I was wondering if anyone here has used the JP1 port on this remote and knows that it is indeed working!

I read someplace that there are different variations of JP1 and it may not work...

So has anyone here tried this?

I have the following equipment which I do hope will work with this remote...(even though it is not a backlite remote and is hard to see in the dark...but thart is something else!)

--Marquee 8500CRT Projector

--Kenwood Receiver

--SA8300HD DVr (this is the device from which I am using the remote from)

--HTPC with the infrared ball installed on it...came with imon remote! but I no longer use this remote

--CS2 Video processor

Thank you in advance for whatever info/help you might provide me with in this thread!!!

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The best place to ask JP1 questions is in the JP1 forum. This AVS forum is pretty much a "Harmony" forum now.
Thank you Robman

Will give the jp1 forujm a try...I should have thought of that!

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