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JPG Resolution test pattern on Hit. 57S700

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I found a resolution chart jpg on www.imaging-resource.com and I scaled it down to 1620x1080 with a Lanczos filter:


I downloaded it into my camera's memory card, and stuck it into the Hitachi's card reader. I can't take a picture of the image because I only have one card (duh!).

There is a bit of overscan in my set. There is some fairly strong line twitter visible in horizontal lines at about 550 lines.

With vertical lines and the vertical wedge, there is strong detail to about 750 lines, then contrast fades and you can't really count the lines at around 825.

With horizontal lines and the horizontal wedge, some artifacts start to appear at 800 lines, but you can make out detail to a bit over 1000 lines.

FYI the test pattern is exactly one pixel wide at very close to 1080 lines.

So, is this a good result? I have done manual and electrostatic focusing on my set.

At my 9 ft viewing distance I can barely make out the 800-900 lines horizontal resolution. If I step into the next room at 13 ft, I can just see about 500 lines (~DVD resolution). So I guess 57" is just the right size.
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Neither of those links worked here. But on the horizontal rez I recall a Perfect Vision review several months back of the 1080p (1920X1080) Toshiba LCoS. The reviewer used the HDNet test pattern that has similar wedge resolution numbers. He multiplied his readings by 1.77 and wrote the Toshiba displayed a 1920-pixel pattern with a signal generator and HDNet's Tuesday 8-8:10 am eastern-time patterns. Mentioned this because of the reviewer's multiplying factor, not the full-rez Toshiba versus a 7-in CRT RPTV. If the same applies, that would be ~750X1.78 = 1335 horizontal lines (full 16:9 width), a figure often cited for such sets. Seems like very good vertical rez readings. The ATSC-approval video experts measured 800 lines static vertical resolution during their mid-90s testing with the best gear then available. Very clever use of a memory card. Hope to do the focus, lens/mirror cleaning thing on my RPTV one of these years :); its got 3+ years of dust in there...but still puts out great images.-- John
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Ah, I fixed the links now.

BTW when I say "vertical lines and wedge", they're measuring horizontal resolution.. and vice versa. :)
Yes, Jason, regarding vertical lines, that's why I used your 750 figure. Found with similar wedge lines on the HDNet pattern there was quite a wide range of non-resolvable blurred-to-gray area. Also, wasn't too sure how similar my HDNet pattern was to DirecTV's since mine was delivered via RCN cable TV. -- John
Originally posted by Jason EC
I found a resolution chart jpg on www.imaging-resource.com and I scaled it down to 1620x1080 with a Lanczos filter:

That is great.

Do you possibly have the link to the original image on www.imaging-resource.com? It would be nice to avoid the JPG compression if possible... that can make sharp edges look fuzzy in itself...

It would also be nice to make a 1920x1080 resolution version if possible.


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I have a resolution test pattern generated by my Panasonic STB and my set clearly does more than 1280 lines. The next bar is 1920 lines and it doesn't quite display all those individually but my guess is the RPTV can display at least 1450 lines. A Toshiba with 7" guns.
I would also like the non .jpg version. With test patterns I like to have the original pixel for pixel.

Is it available?
Hitachi S700 tops out according to Stereophile guide to home theater around 1350.....

The VIRTUALHD2 chip is limited in that it converts everything into a standard 540pX1280 or 1080iX1280 display resolution...

But on 1080i native... the CRT's and electronics are limited to around 1080iX1350....

I think that 1366X768p LCD.... 1280X720p DLP and 1080i native CRT have all about the same resolution capabilities.... and ... resolutions are not the where the comparo lies..... rather contrast and color accuracy are...

First post. I have been around awhile. Fantastic info.

I recently got a 51S500.

I found these two 1440x1086 pixels or 3458x2608 pixels test patterns on this site.

bealecorner.com/trv900/respat/ (sorry, rules said, cannot post link on 1st five posts! Just add the normal ht.....to the link )

I copied these two jpg files onto my CF memory card and through the PC Card adaptor into the 51S500. However, I could not see any test pattern pictures on the TV.

I have no problem seeing those two test patterns on my PC.

Next, I tried using the ACDSee 6.0 and loaded the 1440x1086 picture and resized it into a ****x1080 pixels file, thinking that may be it has to see exactly a 1080 pixels file. Saved it onto the memory card and tried it on the TV. No luck.

So perhaps, Jason EC or somebody else can massage those files so that they can be displayed properly on the TV.

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Are you able to view regular snapshots? The menu sequence for looking at pictures on a card is a bit obtuse.
Jason EC,

Yes, I was able to view on the 51S500, both the snapshots on my CF card, as well as your jpg file which I downloaded from your first post.

As I mentioned on my earlier post, I just could not view the two downloaded resolution test patterns from that page on my TV.

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