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JRiver Media Center on Mac

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EDIT -- We've released an audio only Mac Version. More on our forum:

I've just started a poll on our site, asking if people are interested in a Mac version.

POLL: Would you buy MC on OS X ?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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I probably would. But I don't want to register for you site just to vote.

I think it would be a great idea - certainly itunes can be improved upon.

Step 1 - put in a real database engine so large libraries can be easily handled
Thanks. We think we have the best database available for media files. Here's how it stacks up against iTunes:
You would get a bunch of Mac customers with one of your features alone: Blu-ray playback, if you can do it directly, without having to transcode/rip the Blu-ray disk first.
if your software was available for Mac,then I would have kept my Mac-mini.

Returned it after 2 weeks due to my frustration at not having a software

Solution such as yours.
I have both PCs AND Macs in my household. The only reason I continue to have PCs is to natively run JRiver Media Center. So yes... I would buy a Mac version of JRiver Media Center in a heartbeat! Please bring it on!
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Absolutely. But only if it can play Blu-ray iso's from my network server and bitstream the lossless audio to my pre-amp via hdmi.
If it could play Blu-ray iso's I would absolutely buy it.

3D Blu-ray iso's and I'd probably even pay you in advance : )

The lossless audio would be nice, but not a deal killer for me.
I'd get it as soon as it was available... just for audio management. Any video solutions would just be gravy.
Early Bird Licenses are available now:

Expect First Look (Still Rough) versions by February 22.
Quote from www.jriver.com :

"6. It will be audio-only for the first year."

I very much doubt many Mac users will pay $49.98 or even $24.98 (Early Bird) just for an iTunes alternative.

Although I would love to see a native replacement for Front Row on OS X, I use it 99% for videos, so your initial version falls short of my goal, sorry.
Thanks for the feedback. We intend to add video in the future.
Better to wait until it is video capable than to release a half baked product into the market and milk customers for a half completed product.

Remember-many mac owners are fully aware that video codec support is one area that OSX falls short on and is the hardest to implement in a paid for product, so luanching a product and asking customers to pony up dollars with the "promise" of it materializing in the future is problematic. How many times have folks here been bit by the un-materialized CE manufacturers promise of future (un-finished) functionality for it only to become vaporware. That behavior out of the industry leaves a bad taste in ones mouth. Remember the saying: "Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me"?
Thanks for your advice. We're far enough along, that failure is not an option. We will release a First Look player on February 22.
Yeah, without video, don't expect Mac users to buy it.

For me, the only way I'd switch from Plex to JRMC on my OS X machines would be if it offered me something that Plex doesn't.


1) Improved playback -- I still feel that MPC-HC w/ MadVR on my Windows HTPC's provides better video playback than Plex on m OSX machines.

2) better music organization with playlists

3) DTS-MA and TrueHD playback -- THIS WOULD BE THE DEAL-MAKER FOR ME. That being said, no one has been able to do this yet.

Get me those 3 things and I'd buy it in a nanosecond.
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We're still on track for a release this Friday. It will be music only, still unfinished, with some bugs left, but it already imports and plays well on 10.7 or above.
An alpha build of JRiver Media Center for Mac is now available on our Mac board:

I had never heard if this product before. But -

2/21/13 they wrote on their website forum -

It's $24.98 at this time. We expect to raise the price by $5 each month until it reaches $49.98. Do not buy it unless you're willing to take a chance. We will not offer refunds."

Paying to try an Alpha build? No thanks.
Sure. Thanks for the feedback.
I was excited to read about the release for the mac as I'm trying to get my parents on board with the far superior HTPC experience. And then I read it was audio only with lots of bugs. and you have to pay for it.

Sorry but that is pretty ridiculous, in my opinion!

I use Jriver on a windows 7 asrock vision HT and really like it a lot, but still think itunes on the mac is a better music player especially for browsing through a very large library on a tablet or phone app. why would anyone waste their time with jriver on the mac...to play FLAC files?

when you get up to $50 do you plan on having video? I'll continue paying attention to Jriver for the MAC if that is a goal but otherwise will write it off and look elsewhere for my parents.
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