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JSI JS4127 Help

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I just bought a JSI JS4127 off ebay.

I'm having a problem with the subtitles (in that I don't want them on). Everytime I put a DVD in the player the subtitles are on. When I go to the menu to turn off the subtitles, it doesn't always turn them off. Sometimes I gone to the menu 5+ times before the subtitles are finally turned off.

Does anybody know if there is a code I can enter so its not defaulted to have subtitles on?

I searched this forum and haven't seen anything yet?

Also does anybody know if this company is still in business, I can't seem to get to its website.

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There was a firmware update released that I believe addressed this issue as well as an issue where the player would not remember the resolution it was set at after it was turned off. I do have the firmware update and I can send the zip file to you if you want it. However, what I *don't* have anymore are the instructions for applying the firmware updates, so there is the risk that if you mess up you'll have an unusable player.

The upgrade consists of a .ver file and an .img file. I believe you burn both to a CD using your favorite CD burning program, making sure the CD is closed. I think it was as easy as putting the CD in the player and following the instructions on the screen while making sure you don't turn off the player during the upgrade. However, it's been a while since I did it.

If you want to risk it and give it a try, give me a PM and I'll send you the zip file.

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