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Hi all, well I got my software upgrade last weekend, and I want to mention 2 things

1) the Jump function does not seems to work like before, on v2.0 (I upgraded from v2.0 to v3.0, never saw v2.1) you could be seeing something from a line-X input and select Replay Guide, pick a recorded show and press Play, after that every time you pressed Jump you paused the show and go back to the buffered cache from line-X, but now on v3.0 if you press Jump you go to the RF-Tunner, not to the line-X where you were before

2) because of my location I am using the Replay only as a pass trough unit, so my configuration is:

RF - Nothing, Line-1 - Other and Line-2 - Other on S-video

(I have a complete list of channels on the internal tuner)

so when I do a connection to the ReplayTV service I do not download any TMS data and my channel guide is empty, all this is correct, but I do download the Replay Zones even when I am not able to use them, so ReplayMike, Ben, Marc, anyone, is it possible for you to modify the download script of the Replay Zones to check that if the configuration is like the one I mentioned before you do not need to download any new Replay Zones and you should delete the ones already present.

Please try this configuration on one of your equipments and see that all this download time could be discarded.

Or am I missing something??




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