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Today's Show:

CE Pro, the magazine for professional consumer electronics installers, puts out a survey every year to determine what brands dealers, integrators and resellers offer the most. It’s an interesting list to take a look at. Typically a reseller will have a few different reasons for choosing a favorite brand than the rest of us, like profit margins or marketing support, but often the reasons are the same. They want products that please their customers and are reliable.

We also discuss:
  • Proof that 'Showrooming' panic is blown way out of proportion
  • Boxee's new Cloudee storage service
  • Watch It - a queue manager for all your movie services
  • What's the most pirated TV show?
  • TV-online multitasking reaches 60% penetration
  • D-Link unveils a new media player
  • Stewart debuts a more 'affordable' video screen line

and a lot more...

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