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Today's Show:
When we first read the press release about Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, we’ll admit, it sounded a bit puzzling and we found ourselves scratching our heads. Atmos enabled receivers? Sure, that makes sense, but what does it take to make an Atmos enabled speaker? We’ve never heard of a Dolby TrueHD enabled speaker, or a DTS-HD Master Audio enabled speaker. So what is the difference with Atmos that it needs, or can even provide, a special speaker?

We also discuss:
  • Aereo Supreme Court Decision
  • Seiki 39" 4K 120Hz LED Ultra HD Television for $389
  • Monoprice’s New Z-Wave Line Pretty Darn Cheap
  • Google plans Android TV debut
  • Sony execs discuss Ultra HD tech, market
  • Dolby Atmos sound tech will be available on Blu-ray disc

and a lot more...

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