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Just bought 52MH84, a few questions for current owners ...

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Just got a 52HM84 yesterday. A few questions for those of you who have had this set for a while …

If using a cable box (mine is a Motorola 6200 HD box), do you set the box to output in 720P or do you change it to match the program you are watching?

Is there a button you can push which will show what the signal is on the screen? I.e. it would show 480p, 1080I, etc?

I’ve heard a lot about getting rid of the gray bars, is this something that can be done with the cable box, or is getting rid of the gray bars just speculation?

Lastly, normally people set sharpness to zero, but all recommended settings I’ve seen out there for this TV are for close to 50%. Just wondering if anyone can comment on this.

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I don't have this set but I have been researching a few of these questions. As far as the STB is concerned, most people use 1080i and let the TV downconvert it to the native resolution. A few people change it on the STB when viewing 720P stations (i.e. ESPN, ABC, FOX). I think the display has a better scaler than the STB so what you ultimately decide would be based on what stations you watch the most of. Ideally, it would be nice to have a native pass-through but that doesn't appear to be an option with the Motorola 6200 series.

The grey bars can be changed to black if you set the 4:3 Override to "Off" in the STB. You may have to power down and up the STB after making the change

For calibration settings I think it might vary from display to display but using DVE will give you the most accurate information. Here is some information from a review and another user's observations.

In the review of the 52HM84 by William Becker (see DLPTVreview.com), he suggests:

with the bulb set to HI BRIGHT



COLOR = 48

TINT at R2

In the PERFECT VISION's review of the 52HM84, the reviewer mentioned that the standard settings are a good compromise. Previous articles in the PERFECT VISION suggests going to MOVIE and/or CINEMA's to reduce enhance artefacts. The Toshiba has several default settings. Some have setting sfor various parameters set to 100%. There was one where the defaults are at 50%. I believe that is the one recommended.

In my 62HM48, I used VIDEO ESSENTIALs DISK, low bulb settings. My results are pretty close to Beckers recommendations. Brightness = 62 in my case and CONTRAST = 0. Tint = R9 if my memory serves right.

Here are a few more.

My initial calibration using high lamp, medium color temp:

contrast 65

brightness 55

color 45

tint r6

sharpness 50

I found contrast very hard to adjust and used William beckers setting.

contrast 65

brightness 35

color 55

tint 0

sharpness 42

Keep in mind there set to set variations means you really have to tweak your set.

Another recommendation is to split your cable and run one to the display for SD programming. The Motorola STB is notorious for poor analog tuners so you might get better PQ on SD programs this way.
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I have the 52HM94 keep my sharpness at 0 now. I find that this enables the best overall PQ for all the channels. There is great variability in the broadcasters signal quality and a higher sharpness value (35 or more) causes some distortion on the edges for some channels. Other channels may be softened slightly with the 0 value and look better at 35. Its a little bit of a trade off, seeing all the channels without distortion and perhaps missing out in some sharpness in others.
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