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I'm thinking about taking a good chunk or all of my DVD's and ripping them to a drive. I'm not really sure how to do this so I'm looking here for help. Hopefully this is the right forum.

I'll list what I have so far.

Computer Equipment:

My main desktop has 2 250GB drives. Would prefer not to have them stored here as I use this pretty heavily.

I have one of the 1st Intel Mac Mini's with an 80GB drive as my 2nd PC in my office.

I have 2 320GB custom External Drives.

I currently have a G wireless network in my house although I understand you'll want a N network for streaming right? I use a Linksys Router

That's basically the backbone of my network and here are my 3 viewing areas and the equipment connected to my network. Everything must be wifi as I can't run wires.

Movie Room: (Would be nice but not important as all the disc are in the movie room)

Sony PS3


Living Room: (Most important that I want to stream to)

LG 390 Bluray player with netflix streaming and ability to stream from a server. Has a wireless N card in it.

Bedroom: (Not Important At All for streaming)

Original Xbox

That what I have and I'm not sure if that's enough to get going?

I realize I'll probably need to get a N router and in theory should be able to stream to my LG player already.

What are you using to rip the movies and what is the suggested method for setting it up? Do you store them to a external drive attached to a PC?

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The main issue isn't how you rip them, or what you use, it is what formats does your equipment support, then on top of that, do you want to retain all the features of the dvd's like the dvd menu's, sub titles, surround sound ect...

so what you need to first figure out is what you want out of the content and then figure out if your equipment can support all that.

- Josh
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